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Juspine Story

Juspine Story

Care Taker – WUC: Acegi Village

Juspine is a resident of the Northern Ugandan village of Acegi. Juspine’s community received access to clean water via a Lifeline borehole. With the facilitation of Lifeline team members, the residents of Acegi formed a Water User Committee (WUC). The committee is designed to oversee the borehole and Juspine serves proudly as an elected care taker.

In her capacity as care taker, Juspine is tasked with ensuring the water point and its surroundings are clean and that those collecting water use clean containers.


Spreading The Word

Juspine shared that being a WUC member has changed her:  “The best part about being a member and working on the Water User Committee as a care taker is that I have transferred the skills learnt to my own home.  This includes maintaining good sanitation and hygiene.”

Through her work with the WUC, Juspine has learned how to build her own pit latrine and how to work in a group with other community members. “The community now has access to clean water unlike before.  We now know good sanitation and hygiene practices.”