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Reachel’s Story

My name is Reachel Inandava and I would like to speak on the contributions of Lifeline concerning our environment. Lifeline, Lifeline, Lifeline, you are truly amazing! I am happy to advertise the way in which Lifeline is taking care of the environment, especially trees. Lifeline has great knowledge of how to make stoves that don’t consume a lot of wood which is really amazing. For this reason, we as widows and refuges support Lifeline in fighting poverty. Women of all types — old women, those with special needs even those who can’t hear — have been helped by Lifeline. Lifeline you are amazing and you bring joy to all that get to know you.
It is amazing how the world has been improved because of what Lifeline is teaching us to do – taking care of the trees in order to get good rainfall.
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In 2006, Lifeline began distributing clay stoves made from locally available organic materials in IDP camps in Northern Uganda. Since that time, Lifeline has produced over 15,000 stoves to rural communities in Northern Uganda.