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Lifeline - Uplifting Communities, Empowering Women, Transforming Lives in Uganda

Thank You Very Much!

Lifeline would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have helped out over the years! We value your support and it does make a huge difference.


BIG SHOUT OUT TO – Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson joined the Lifeline team in late 2012 as the WASH Program Manager based in Lira, Uganda. In his tenure, Scott and his dedicated WASH team created clean drinking water sources for over 10,000 people. Scott came aboard with vast professional and technical knowledge and substantially enhanced Lifeline’s water program. Specifically, his geology background significantly helped Lifeline navigate some of Northern Ugandan’s most difficult geographical terrain.

Over the course of the past year, Scott has provided solid leadership and has maintained an unwavering commitment to Lifeline’s mission. Ultimately, Lifeline envisions a world in which no one is forced to drink contaminated water. Scott, in his efforts as WASH Program Manager, has made a remarkable impact on the Ugandan community, on the local staff and on Lifeline as a whole.

Scott has chosen to pursue alternative career goals and will be departing from his position as WASH Program Manager effective February 2014. Lifeline would like to wish Scott the best in his future endeavors. Although Scott has decided to move on, he will always hold a special place as “Scott the Water Guy.” Thank you Scott!

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Sarah has been wonderful at helping Lifeline meet some of our challenging goals this summer. She has devoted her entire summer to us and we are honored to have her as a Lifeliner. Sarah has done an amazing job with helping to launch our new campaign “Follow Scott the Water Guy” – to help promote clean safe drinking water to Northern Uganda. She is a rising senior at Ohio State University, majoring in political science and philosophy, with minors in international studies and nonprofit management. She loves tea, cup pigs, the color mint, and of course clean water! We Love You Sarah… Thanks for all you have done and your support.

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Generosity Water

Lifeline has partnered with Generosity Water, an organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time. Together, we will be building 20 boreholes in the Apac District in Uganda, along with providing sanitation and hygiene programs to the local communities. Currently, the first phase of the program will run until February 2014.


Water to Thrive

Lifeline is currently working in partnership with Water to Thrive, whose mission is to bring clean, safe water to those who need it in rural Africa. They helped to provide funding for 10 boreholes in the Apac District of Uganda, as well as hygiene and sanitation education.

To learn more about our partnership check out this piece on their website:


S.L. Gimbel

Through Blue Planet Network, Lifeline received funding for 6 boreholes next to health clinics in the Pallisa District of Uganda, which were completed this April 2013. Lifeline will also continue to partner with them to build 6 Community Health Clubs and another borehole in Uganda.



Lifeline recently began partnering with Chemonics, an International Development Agency seeking to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives, and the lead agency for USAID’s 3-year initiative: “Improved Cooking Technology” program in Haiti. We are working with them to improve the capacity of our facilities in Haiti in order to increase our production and get more stoves in the hands of those in need.


The Adventure Project

Lifeline has been partnering with The Adventure Project since 2011, which seeks to end poverty by supporting the world’s most effective social ventures, to provide clean cookstoves to people in Haiti.

Learn more about our partnership with them in this article on


World Food Programme

Lifeline has been an implementing partner with WFP since 2009, working in Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti to provide various fuel-efficient stoves supporting WFP programs, notably its school feeding program in Haiti, where ILF has distributed 450 institutional paper-waste briquette fueled stoves and trained 450 cooks in 150 schools since 2011. In Uganda and Kenya, ILF distributed over 10,000 household stoves to over 50,000 households in support of WFP food security programs.