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What you may have missed from Barack Obama’s Africa Trip

Community-based development is not simple or quick — but it’s absolutely critical to sustainable development, argues Wayne L. Firestone and Dr. Moitreyee Sinha.


U.S. President Barack Obama greets embassy staff and their families at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya during a visit to Africa in July 2015. Photo by: Pete Souza / White House

Over the past couple of weeks, Africa has been featured in more global headlines than usual as U.S. President Barack Obama visited Kenya and Ethiopia.

While President Obama’s trip rightly focused global attention on key development challenges in Africa, including good governance and access to electricity, the media gave little coverage to the community-based organizations working on the “front lines” to improve lives at the base of the pyramid in a lasting way.

As defined by Service for Peace, community-based development organizations treat poor communities and their institutions as partners in the search for solutions to their development challenges, rather than simply viewing them as the target of poverty reduction efforts.  Find out how Lifeline is addressing this cultural shift in Uganda.  Read More: