2020 Vision - Lifeline Fund

2020 Vision

Lifeline helps meet the demand for solutions to our greatest environmental, economic and social challenges by focusing resources where they can be leveraged most effectively. With your support, we can continue building our global community of social entrepreneurs to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Join Lifeline’s movement to help communities shift from surviving to thriving – help us realize our 2020 Vision. 

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…an investment in accountability.

When researchers from Oregon State University measure cooking habits and fuel use in Uganda, they need a reliable partner who is trusted among communities.

…an investment in lower emissions.

Make 2020 a year of climate action by joining Lifeline's mission to create safe water and efficient energy systems.

…an investment in learning partnerships.

Our collaboration with Dan Smith and his team from Stanford University is helping the entire WASH sector measure demand for EverFlow Africa's preventative maintenance service for rural water points.

…an investment in thought leaders.

A gift to Lifeline is an investment in our partnership with thought leaders like Bethel, Helen, Noah and Justine from Stanford University who joined us in Uganda to study and support Everflow Africa.

…an investment in storytellers.

With your help, we can help spread the word of how the communities Lifeline collaborates with are thriving, through self-reported stories of growth.

…an investment in locally-made.

At Lifeline's efficient cookstove factory in Lira, Uganda, our team studies local cooking habits, tests innovations and tailors products to meet communities’ exact desires.