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Community Development Clubs

Community Development Clubs (CDCs) are an innovative model for affecting positive behavioral change in regards to hygiene/sanitation and livelihood promotion.  The CDC approach has proven effective in mobilizing community members to take responsibility for their collective health and quality of life. The clubs, which are led by a community-elected facilitator and attended by a member of each participating household, hold weekly sessions devoted to improved health and hygiene.

At the end of the process, the participants put what they have learned to work by building latrines, hand-wash stations and other hygiene related facilities. Lifeline has already launched 75 CDCs and anticipates creating hundreds more in the years ahead.

Following the completion of the health and hygiene training, the CDCs proceed to a new phase that focuses on the provision of social-entrepreneurship training and promotion of income generating opportunities for community members, which can include, for example, bee keeping, soap making or crop diversification.  In addition, the CDCs become vehicles for promoting and marketing fuel efficient stoves to their members as well as other technologies that can help improve their quality of life.