Lifeline seeks testing partners in Uganda for new smart handpump sensor technology developed by charity: water 


As charity: water’s national implementing partner in Uganda, Lifeline has been testing and ground-truthing 8 sensor prototypes in the Apac and Kwania Districts since October, 2020. The results look promising so far: the sensor is able to measure both volumes of water (output) and strokes of the pump handle (input), as well as transmit data periodically through GSM networks. We see this technology as a key enabler for the successful implementation of the National Framework for Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Infrastructure.

charity: water has been developing smart “IoT” sensors for India Mark 2 handpumps with the following strategic goals:

1. To keep water flowing to reduce water point downtime and improve functionality.
2. To reduce overall water point maintenance costs.
3. To provide transparency to donors, governments and funders.

We will soon move into the next phase, which involves the deployment of the first batch of mass-produced sensors, expected to begin in Uganda in May of 2021. A limited number of sensors will be provided free of charge to testing partners, including access to the data. The deployment will be targeted to organizations who have an interest to test, and have valuable use for, the data in their operational area.

As such, Lifeline is seeking organizations that can benefit from access to rich, relevant-time technical data to improve the performance of their O&M-related WASH programs. Any type of organization may apply to participate (public, private, NGOs, CBOs, associations, etc.).

How to apply?

Simply complete this form by Friday March 26th, 2021.
Please feel free to share this information with any organization that may benefit from this data. For any questions, please reach out to Igor Markov. Find more about the sensor technology on charity:water’s website here, and about Lifeline’s installation and testing here. 

A PDF version of this Call for Proposals is available here for download. 

Feedback will be provided to the selected participants by April 5th, 2021.

Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you.