When Lifeline launched its fuel-efficient cookstove program in the Lira region of Uganda in 2008, we aimed to tackle the growing problem of rising wood and charcoal costs and decrease the amount of biomass used for cooking. The results continue to impress: Lifeline Fuel Efficient Stoves have reduced the domestic consumption of charcoal and energetic expenditures; users value the positive effects on health and safety; and community members perceive a reduction of health problems linked to domestic air pollution and an increase in women’s free time. The local economy has also benefited with the direct creation of long-term, full-time jobs and an increase in local professional skills. Lifeline is involved in all the steps of this economic value chain: selecting and contracting with local suppliers, managing the production of the fuel-efficient stoves and their distribution to local vendors; helping vendors with marketing activities; taking care of stove maintenance and monitoring use by end customers.