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How Nigeria is Using the Pandemic to Build a Sustainable Energy Future
Due to COVID-19 new opportunities are emerging that could create a more prosperous future, especially with regard to energy access. As many countries plan to rebuild from the effects of the pandemic it is clear that clean energy investments can assist in a smoother recovery and bridge the gaps of energy access.
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Uganda’s Latrine Goals Pose Unintended Threat  
In Uganda, urban residents often will dig pits to accommodate the need for latrines in densely populated areas. Additionally, there are some Ugandan property owners and landlords that will start building pit latrines and will have to stop due to the lack of funding. Leaving deep holes like this has led to issues of people falling in and becoming injured. Another issue with this is that the pits can fill with water, attracting mosquitoes that spread malaria.
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UN: Modern Energy Cooking Services Key for Tazania in Achieving SDGs
55 million people in Tanzania rely on traditional cooking methods, making more than 85% of the population that use biomass fuels for cooking.
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The Pandemics Impact on Sustainable Development Goals
Due to COVID-19 decades of progress on the SDGs may be reversed. According to the World Bank the world could see its first increase in extreme poverty in 22 years.
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COVID-19 Impacts on Biomass Stove Manufacturing
Covid-19 has created steep challenges for companies selling clean cookstoves and fuels in developing countries, imperiling progress towards SDG 7. To better understand these particular challenges and lessons for the path forward, The Clean Cooking Alliance spoke with 3 biomass stove manufacturers, SSM, Greenway and ACE.
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The Solar Fridge Helping African Entrepreneurs Live Off the Grid
Refrigeration is critical to keep foods fresh in hot climates. But it can be a great challenge to power these refrigerators in countries with large populations living off the grid, like in Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s where Brazilian company Youmma comes in – they’ve developed an innovative solution, a pay as you go solar fridge.
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