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Jun 4, 2015

We are excited and honored to announce our new partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN). Since 2001, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has given millions to provide water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure across the African continent. This partnership will provide more fresh water wells and will train more communities in hygiene/sanitation and income generating activities in Northern Uganda. Thank you Coca-Cola Africa Foundation! 

Feb 17, 2015

Lifeline’s drilling team in Uganda began 2015 with a bang! The team drilled 8 deep boreholes, 6 of which successfully struck water. One of the strikes occurred in the Angayiki community where news of the water strike was widely celebrated. All of the boreholes were drilled in Apac District as part of the ongoing Universal Access Campaign

Jan 1, 2015

2014 Global Giving Fundraising Challenge

Dear Lifeline Supporters,

Thanks so much for your generous support.  The total amount raised for the 2014 Global Giving Challenge was $5,916.00.    Your help is still needed!  Please continue to support Lifeline @  Follow LIFELINE on social media and Share! Share! Share! 

Oct 6, 2014

2014 World Energy Engineering Congress Banquet

Lifeline’s Executive Director and Founder Daniel Wolf attended the 2014 World Energy Engineering Congress Banquet in early October. Dan was in attendance to accept the 2014 AEE Award for Energy Project of the Year on behalf of UCB Ltd. owner, Bill Farmer. The Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa (ICSEA) Project, a partnership between Lifeline and the Uganda Carbon Bureau was recognized for achieving excellence in promoting energy engineering and energy management practices.  See video

Sept 30, 2014

Article on Lifeline H20+ Project in the New Vision – Uganda’s Leading Daily Newspaper

The article, entitled “500 households get clean safe water in Apac”, discusses Lifeline’s partnership with Uganda Breweries, Ltd., which has resulted in the construction of five deep boreholes for impoverished communities in the Apac District of Northern Uganda.  Read More

Aug 1, 2014

Jelis The Stove Lady

More than 40% of the world’s population relies on solid fuels (woods, coal, dung, crop-waste and charcoal) for cooking.  Lifeline’s innovative stove programs are helping to combat deforestation and mitigating the deadly effects that are cause by ancient ways of cooking.

Follow Jelis (The Stove Lady) as she shows you how Lifeline is helping to bring vital and reliable cooking solutions to people in Uganda.

Jul 17, 2014


The Lifeline delegation’s mission to Uganda ended with a bang when a team from Assist International, led by its founder Bob Sudfeld, its Vice President, Ralph Sudfeld, and New York Jets tight end, Zach Sudfeld, visited Lifeline’s operations in Lira.  The two organizations discussed ways they might partner together in Uganda to maximize their impact, including by providing clean water systems for a regional hospital that has been plagued by severe water shortages.  Dan, who is a fanatical Jets fan, organized the children of the Otinawa orphanage to welcome Zach and the Assist team with a raucous chant of “J.E.T.S., JETS, JETS, JETS!!!”

May 20, 2014

East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL)

The International Lifeline Fund has been awarded a $40,000 grant by Uganda Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of East African Breweries Limited. The grant is a part of Diageo’s Worldwide Water of Life Project which aims to provide clean water access to 1 million people in Africa each year through to 2015. With the grant, Lifeline will drill 5 new boreholes in the Apac district of northern Uganda providing clean water sources to over 2,700 families. The new boreholes will also be a part of H20+, which is a multi-sector initiative, designed to bring clean water solutions and improved capacity to health clinics as well as communities

March 13, 2014

The Adventure Project Funding Efforts for Lifeline’s Commercial Stove Program in Haiti

Lifeline thanks The Adventure Project (TAP) for its continued commitment to our stove program in Haiti and recent grant!  With the help of an Upworthy post highlighting its funding efforts, TAP raised $50,000 for Lifeline’s Haiti stove program! The funds will support local artisans to build 2,500 stoves and help Lifeline expand its vendor networks in the local communities.

In late February, our Haiti office was pleased to host TAP’s team.  Our staff introduced them to some of our vendors and artisans, who live better and healthier lives due to the use of Lifeline’s clean cook stoves and the income they receive from making and selling them. A vendor even cooked a traditional Haitian meal using one of our stoves! The Adventure Project created a beautiful film highlighting Lifeline’s work.


 January 30, 2014

Blue Planet Network Grant by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Through its partnership with Blue Planet Network, a division of East Meets West, and supported by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Lifeline was sub-granted to produce and distribute 3,000 rural fuel-efficient stoves to communities in Apac District, Northern Uganda.This project is part of the overall H2O Health Plus (H2O+) initiative that seeks to ameliorate the dire health and socio-economic situation confronting impoverished villagers in Uganda, especially women and girls.

Overall, the H20+ initiative is demonstrating the unique power of sustainable safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation to provide measurable improvements in health (particularly childbirth safety, maternal health and early childhood health), health clinic capacity, economic vitality and education.


November 17, 2013


International Lifeline Fund, northern Uganda’s premiere producer of fuel efficient cook-stoves, was recently selected by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to be featured in a television documentary being produced by Wizarts Media, a production company contracted by WWF, to raise the awareness of the Ugandan public and feature the advantages of using fuel efficient cook-stoves.

This documentary will be aired on Ugandan National Television in two weeks. Lifeline staff members worked closely with the production crew to feature the many satisfied households benefiting from clean cooking and highlighting the health benefits, cost savings, and environmental impact of our work.

November 7, 2013

Water To Thrive and Lifeline’s Partnership

Water To Thrive and Lifeline Partnership have recently concluded a successful partnership to bring clean water sources to ten communities in northern Uganda, directly improving the lives of 4,618 individuals. Water To Thrive Board Member Lynne Dobson, Program Manager Michael O’Keefe, Director of Development at Pioneers Youth Leadership, Linda Ryan and Ryan Broersma a loyal supporter and businessman from California, visited the ten venues with Scott, the water guy, in mid-October. Touched by the success of the program and the impact the clean water sources have had on the communities helped by our work, Water To Thrive has committed to furthering its partnership with Lifeline and will be working together with us to provide new sources of clean water to additional communities in northern Uganda. To this end, they will be holding a fundraiser in Austin, Texas on December 8th in order to continue this important work. Lifeline Executive Director Dan Wolf and Lifeline Creative Director Deborah Terry have been invited to travel to Texas in order to attend this important event.

Water To Thrive Blog Post:


October 24 2013

Chemonics has awarded Lifeline of a $13,800 grant to be matched by an equivalent investment from Lifeline side, to expand and strengthen our supply chain and retail distribution networks.

Given that a major barrier to increasing sales is the upfront cost barrier of clean stoves, Chemonics is supporting Lifeline in building up a stock of stoves to be given on credit to retailers who will then be able to offer purchases on credit to the end users.

Lifeline will be matching the investment by acquiring a motorbike with trailer to enable distribution to vendors in the chaotic streets of Haiti’s capital Port Au Price.


October 24 2013

The 2013 Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy, organized by The Water Institute at UNC

Christine Roy, Lifeline’s Senior Program Manager attended the Water and Health conference: 16-18 October at the University of North Carolina (UNC) – this is an annual academic conference that considers drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both the developing and developed worlds with a strong public health emphasis. Bringing together research with policy, practice and networking events.

July 14 2013SCOTT THE WATER GUYLast week I attended WEDC (a WASH department at Loughbourgh University in UK) 36th Annual conference in Nakuru Kenya where I attended presentations by other WASH implementers, made new connections, maintained existing connections, shared learnings and thought of new ideas. I was able to speak with several drillers and have learned some things that we may test in ILF boreholes. There is a lot of talk of behavior change in sanitation and the best methods for accomplishing that.Here is link to the conference website week I will be in the field for a few days and will have an opportunity to gather more photos, video and notes from the field. Don’t forget to Follow me.Scott The Water Guy