Times are tough, but we believe the best way to get through is together.

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in one way or another across the world. As we close out this year and look towards 2021, we’re launching the #WeGrowWeThrive campaign to challenge our community to join Lifeline in recommitting to the values that keep us moving forward: teamwork, innovation, and authenticity. Because even during the most unprecedented of times, we believe the most powerful growth can occur when we work together and support each other.

Grow And Thrive

At Lifeline, we want to help the communities we work with to do more than simply survive. Our aim is to help communities secure the resources they need to thrive. We collaborate with our  community partners in rural Uganda to ensure reliable access to  safe, clean drinking water and efficient energy. Working together, we can grow towards a better, safer, healthier and more prosperous future.


You can help us grow these efforts and directly support healthy, thriving communities. Make a donation and help us grow our virtual sunflower plant!


What does growth mean to you? Who has been your bright spot in difficult times? Tell us, we’ll be sharing a global patchwork of stories on social media.


Why sunflowers? Why water and energy?


Check out our virtual plant!

Not everyone has a green thumb. We understand. We’ll take care of the hard part, we’ll just need your help providing the water. Your donations go directly to Lifeline’s programs supporting safe water for communities in Uganda. The more donations come in, the more this little leaf will continue to grow.

How Far Can Your Donation Go?


What does Growth mean to you? Tell us here and help us to grow a mosaic of responses from communities across the globe.…

We can go farther together: share your response on social media with #WeGrowWeThrive


Did you know sunflowers are a popular crop in Uganda? Here are some facts about this important plant that adorns the fields of Northern Uganda, where Lifeline works.

Sunflowers are a valuable resource with many different applications. In Uganda, they are primarily harvested for seeds, processed into cooking oil, and ground into feed for farm animals. 

It takes 120-150 days for a sunflower to reach maturity after planting.

Sunflowers really do turn to follow the sun throughout the day, through a process called heliotropism. Once a sunflower reaches maturity, it ends this process and consistently faces east. 

Sunflowers have become an important source of income in Uganda’s Kwania district.

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