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Providing Clean Safe Water and Clean Cookstoves to Africa and Haiti

Stories From The Field

  • Lifeline - In the Field Stories - Clean Cook Stoves and Fresh Water Wells in Africa and Haiti
  • Lifeline - In the Field Stories - Clean Cook Stoves and Fresh Water Wells in Africa and Haiti
  • Lifeline - In the Field Stories - Clean Cook Stoves and Fresh Water Wells in Africa and Haiti
  • Lifeline - In the Field Stories - Clean Cook Stoves and Fresh Water Wells in Africa and Haiti

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8 Deep Fresh Water Wells Drilled in Northern Uganda. 4,000 Lives Impacted.

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Lifeline seeks to spark catalytic change across the developing world by implementing low-cost and highly replicable interventions that profoundly improve the quality of human life.



Lifeline is addressing the two conditions most responsible for the plight of impoverished and vulnerable individuals in Sub Saharan Africa and Haiti – lack of access to clean drinking water and a clean and efficient way of cooking.

Lifeline promotes clean fuel-saving stoves to mitigate the deadly effects of indoor air pollution, reduce deforestation and combat poverty

Lifeline implements clean water and sanitation projects to eliminate water-borne disease and improve the quality of life for rural communities that lack access to safe drinking water.


Impoverished individuals who were drinking from contaminated sources and wasting countless hours each year collecting water have gained access to clean drinking water.  The impact has been to profoundly improve their health and livelihood.


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Indigent villagers and urban dwellers who use wood and/or charcoal for cooking have gained access to clean and affordable fuel-saving stoves in Africa and Haiti.  The impact has been vast savings in both time and money as well as a dramatic reduction in exposure to toxic smoke.


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We are always looking for individuals and companies who want to help those in need.


Creating income generating opportunities for women in Uganda and Haiti


Lifeline and D&E Green Enterprises combine forces to build a profitable cook-stove enterprise in Haiti commercial stove sales in Haiti


The CHC approach is a participatory and unifying one that has proven effective in mobilizing community members to take responsibility for their collective health and quality of life. who want to help those in need.

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Providing Fresh Water Wells in Northern Uganda

Lifeline commenced its clean water program in 2006 with a focus on vulnerable communities in Uganda. Lifeline addresses both the “hardware” and “software” challenges to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) through the combined efforts of drilling boreholes and teaching proper hygiene and sanitation practices. Lifeline’s efforts in the water space include the training of Water User Committees (WUCs), the creation of Community Health Clubs (CHCs) and the construction of latrines. The organization’s process involves full community engagement throughout every stage of the process, from siting of the water point, to the drilling of the borehole, to maintenance and user education.


Raising Awareness Around the Importance of Proper Hygiene and Sanitation 

Widespread Participation
Interactive Approach
Focused Messaging


Transforming Lives with fuel saving stoves

Lifeline’s fuel efficient stove (FES) and clean water programs have served to profoundly impact and transform the lives of thousands of individuals in Africa and Haiti. One of Lifeline’s paramount goals has been to create sustainable solutions to the problems caused by cooking on an open fire and lack of access to clean water in Northern Uganda. These problems include, among others, deforestation, poverty, injuries, illness and death.

Beyond health and environmental impacts, Lifeline’s FES and clean water programs also provide invaluable time saving benefits. The time saved collecting fuel and water may be utilized for a host of other activities, including education, household chores and even small business endeavors. With one million deaths per year due to cooking on an open fire and one billion people lacking access to clean water, Lifeline’s programs are designed to address two of the very most urgent needs of impoverished communities in the developing world.

Deep community Engagement

LifeLine Fund – Deep community Engagement with a human-centered approach. When families purchase a Lifeline cook stove, vital family funds are no longer needed to purchase charcoal read more…


Creating a Sustainable Market

Lifleine Fund – Sustainable Market for Fuel Saving Cook Stoves. In 2006, Lifeline began distributing insulated clay stoves made from locally available organic materials in refugee camps read more…

Lifeline Fund - Fresh Water Wells - Hygiene and Sanitation


Bringing joy and happiness to the people we love

Lifeline - Fundraise for Water Wells - Fundraise for Fuel Saving Stoves

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