Our Approach - Lifeline Fund

Our Approach

Lifeline employs a common-sense, results-driven approach to providing impoverished communities with affordable products and services that reliably meet their basic clean water and energy needs. This approach includes the following five distinct features:


Having forged deep roots and built trusting relationships in the communities that it serves, Lifeline works closely with their members to shape and fine-tune its products and services to account for local habits and otherwise meet the realities of the situation on the ground.


As an organization that has been mission (as opposed to donor) driven from its inception, Lifeline takes a deliberative, long-term approach to the design of its product and services – an approach that has enabled Lifeline to learn from its mistakes and maximize its impact over time.


Understanding that traditional aid programs have done little to alleviate world poverty and, instead, have frequently fostered a culture of dependency, Lifeline believes that the only realistic way to achieve universal access to clean water and energy is to harness the awesome power of the free market. Lifeline seeks to enable such access by placing cost-effective products and services into the stream of commerce that everyone can afford.


Lifeline believes that the most effective – and, ultimately, only sustainable – method of securing access to
its difference-making products and services is through local entrepreneurship. To that end, once Lifeline has tested the market and established that a sustainable business enterprise can be built around any given one of those products or services, Lifeline will identify and support one or more social entrepreneurs willing and able to ultimately assume responsibility for producing and/or delivering them.


Lifeline believes that capacity building of relevant government officials & engaging pertinent district level bureaus during project designing & implementation will be key strategy to address clean water & energy solutions.