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We give people a lifeline to better lives by working with them to solve their basic clean water and energy needs.

Better water

320 MILLION people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to clean water.

The consequences are devastating: over 300,000 children die each year due to water-borne disease and over 40 billion woman-hours per year are wasted on the chore of fetching water.

Lifeline is helping communities to solve this crisis by partnering with them, first, in the construction of fresh water wells and, second, in the operation of a preventative maintenance system which, for a modest fee, can ensure the functionality of their water infrastructure each and every day for decades to come.

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Better Energy

140+ MILLION households across Sub-Saharan Africa cook with wood-fuel over an open fire.

This form of cooking takes 600,000 lives a year due to exposure to toxic smoke, consumes about 100 billion woman-hours a year in wood collection, and generates as many as 600 million metric tons annually in CO2 emissions.

Lifeline has been driving market-based change in the cooking methods that creates these problems through the development, production and sale of highly efficient stove products that dramatically reduce reliance on wood-fuels and that literally everyone can afford.

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Better Life

Lifeline is having a profound Impact

25+ Million

Hours per year saved
collecting water and wood

1.6 Million

Fewer tons of
CO2 released


Individuals drinking
clean water.

Igniting The Economic Might Of The African Woman

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Lifeline maximizes its impact by forging alliances with international agencies, local and national government, business entities, private foundations and non-governmental organizations who help us design, develop, implement and sustain our life-enhancing activities. Interested in joining us?

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