Lifeline believes that the two conditions most responsible for the plight of impoverished and vulnerable individuals throughout the developing world are the lack of access to clean, safe drinking water and a clean and efficient method of cooking. Lifeline is addressing these problems by producing fresh water wells, implementing community-led hygiene and sanitation initiatives and promoting the widespread adoption of fuel-efficient stoves as an alternative to cooking on an open “three-stone” fire.

Lifeline seeks to spark catalytic change across the developing world by implementing
low-cost and replicable interventions that profoundly improve
the quality of life.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of the underprivileged by exponentially expanding access to clean water and energy solutions.

Our Vision

A world in which no one suffers for lack of access to clean water and energy.

Our Theory of change

Given affordable access to cost-effective products and services that meet their basic clean water and energy needs, the underprivileged can begin to reach their full potential in life.