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Lifeline collaborates with organizations, companies and individuals that share our vision and can help us fund, design and implement programs to accomplish our mutual goals. Our funding partners are vital to successfully executing programs and fulfilling our greater mission.

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Learn more about the impact of Lifeline's funding opportunities/partnerships:

Everflow Africa: Creating a Lasting Source of Water + Revenue

Did you know 30-50% of rural water projects in sub-Saharan Africa fail within 2-5 years? That means donors are repeatedly asked to construct and rehabilitate water points, creating an unsustainable cycle of dependency on external aid. Everflow, Lifeline’s local maintenance and repair business, works to prevent pump breakdowns and minimize costs through risk sharing.

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5-Year WASH Strategy: Making Water Safe for All Communities

Approximately 40% of water systems in rural Uganda fail within 2-5 years of installation. As a result, villagers are forced to drink from dirty water sources or walk inordinate distances to collect water. Lifeline is breaking the cycle of failed relief initiatives through wholistic approaches to community development, know, as Clear Water Initiatives.

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Lifeline Stove Limited: Bringing Efficient Energy Into Every Home

It’s a fact: over 3 billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe and sustainable heating and cooking solutions. Lifeline Stove Limited (LSL) — a Uganda-based improved cookstove manufacturer — is working to put efficient energy in every home through a social enterprise model that aggregates demand and leverages market-oriented partnerships.

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