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Powerful Storytelling

As we learn and grow together with our community stakeholders and partners, sharing our findings is one of the most powerful ways Lifeline is accelerating the development of new and lasting solutions.

Testing Field Durability of Handpump Sensor Prototype

With our EverFlow Africa pumps running at nearly 100% efficacy, our team is excited to see how a brand new prototype sensor can help our rural customers reach new heights in pump sustainability. Lifeline is in the Alyecimalo community in Uganda testing the field durability of a handpump sensor prototype under development by our partners at charity: water.

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Creating a Feedback Loop on Field Research

Getting feedback from the communities Lifeline works with is critical to increasing transparency and ethical accountability in human-focused field research. In a partnership with Oregon State University’s Humanitarian Engineering Program, Lifeline tested the technical feasibility and usability of a sensor to quantify fuel use for different cookstove and fuel types.

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Keeping Safe Water Within Communities’ Reach

Inside Uganda’s rural Apac District, Lifeline’s EverFlow program is bringing and keeping safe water flowing to area residents through a unique partnership with Stanford University. The program contracts with local water committees to regularly maintain over 700 community-owned handpumps, collect data to ensure they are operating properly and respond to emergency breakdowns in less than 24 hours.

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