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Refugee Resilience

Lifeline’s context-specific, culturally informed programs and strategies have been developed with local leaders, community groups, and humanitarian partners to fit the needs and desires of refugee and displaced communities in Haiti, Northern Uganda, Darfur, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. We focus on developing models that build resilience to climate shocks, mitigate environmental degradation, and support local livelihoods.

Lifeline has worked with over 100,000 refugee and displaced households in deep community engagement programs emphasizing:

  • Energy efficiency as an entryway to leadership development,
  • Stakeholder buy-in, co-creation, and long-term ownership of solutions, and
  • Transformation of how individuals see themselves, their roles, and their opportunities in community.


  • Over 90% adoption of household and institutional stove technologies
  • 100’s of new income opportunities for stove manufacturers, vendors, and Energy Kiosk staff
  • Independent expansion and creation of new enterprises
  • Engaged local leaders developing plans to support efficient energy access, protect the environment, and mobilize investment resources
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