Through a unique social enterprise model, Lifeline is helping communities leverage fuel and cost savings gained by using efficient energy technologies to increase their buying power to afford more goods and improve quality of life. The EcoSmart approach allows Lifeline’s Ugandan community partners to capture a market share through cost efficient products; apply scalable margins in line with market potential to establish financial sustainability; and leverage carbon incentives to reinvest in infrastructure and expansion of the model. Maintaining a high-quality product at an affordable price to lower-income consumers raises standards and ultimately improves market value for producers and consumers by increasing demand for higher performing cookstoves. In Uganda, we’re seeing this dynamic at play with more producers and consumers across the country, as well as increased investment in the sector’s development. Learn more.

“Above all, the EcoSmart brand is for those who have the passion and drive to be a changemaker in their life and the lives of others.”

“Through this model, we are increasing the buying power of our consumer base and unlocking latent demand to exponentially grow the size and value of the market.”