In March 2020 Lifeline relaunched its partnership with charity: water to continue improving access to safe, clean drinking water sources in the Apac and Kwania Districts of Northern Uganda. With approximately 25% of communities in each district in need of an improved water point, Lifeline plans to work closely with the District local governments in these areas to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #6, (universal access to clean water and sanitation) within the next five years. Over the next year, Lifeline will work with local drilling contractors to install new water wells with handpumps in 30 communities across the two districts. To improve standards of hygiene and sanitation, Lifeline will also mobilize each community through a combined approach of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Training (PHAST).  

In order to help ensure these new water wells are functional and reliable over the long term, each of the 30 communities engaged in this year’s project will be offered enrollment into Lifeline’s EverFlow Africa initiative, a social enterprise that supports the sustainability of rural water infrastructure through preventative maintenance and emergency repairs by trained mechanics. Through sustainability models like EverFlow, Lifeline ensures the resources of our funding partners are invested and leveraged to their maximum potential.  

Learn more about the impact charity: water and its partners are making in Uganda and across the globe here.