Getting clean water quickly isn’t just a matter of convenience to rural communities – it’s often the difference between life and death. The H2O + Water Initiative – piloted by Lifeline and Blue Planet Network in 2012 – aimed to bring clean water to rural populations and help under-served health clinics and communities in the Pallisa District of eastern Uganda, where 39 percent of the population lack access to clean water. Prior to the H2O + Water Initiative, staff working at health and maternity centers had to travel far and endure long lines for clean water, leaving patients back at the medical centers waiting, often with serious health conditions. The borehole provided by Lifeline has helped upgrade the quality of care, equipment cleaning is easier and access to water is now “regular, clean and safe.” Lifeline is working with the local government to evaluate implementing the H20 + Water model throughout all of Apic District, which could help several thousand people gain access to lasting clean water and sanitation.