Igor Markov

Director of Business Development
Igor Markov serves as Lifeline’s Director of Business Development in Uganda, following an international career in oil & gas drilling services. Igor has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, hands-on fieldwork, human resources, technical management, sales, line management and business consulting. He initially partnered with Lifeline in 2009, when he volunteered to start the ICSEA Carbon Finance program to self-fund Lifeline’s cookstoves and contributed his health, safety and environmental skills by providing in-house training for the Lifeline field teams. In 2014, he reconnected with Lifeline as a Senior Technical Adviser to transfer oil industry best practices to Lifeline’s WASH processes and helped develop the EverFlow repair and maintenance enterprise. Igor’s goal is to see Lifeline become the strategic partner of choice for individuals and organizations who want our most pressing human challenges to turn into opportunities to help people build resiliency while developing their solutions.