What We’ve Been Reading: The Latest In Clean Cooking And Renewable Energy Innovation, Clean Water And Sanitation, Sustainable Development And Much More. 

US Government Announces Re-Commitment to Clean Cooking
At the Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by President Joe Biden on Earth Day, the U.S. government announced that it is re-committing to clean cooking and support for the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA). The pledge includes support to help countries achieve their climate ambitions through expanding access to clean cooking.
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10 Things We Learned About Earth Since the Last Earth Day
The worst public health crisis in a century has brought our understanding of our planet, and our place in the fragile yet resilient web of life throughout it, into stark relief. Vox outlines some of the most intriguing, concerning and hopeful things we’ve learned over the past year.
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Paris Goals Still ‘long way off’, says president of UN Climate Conference
Ahead of the UN climate conference, COP26, energy leaders are speaking out about the most urgent needs to consider. CEO of SEforALL Damilola Ogunbiyi says energy access must be a part of the green transition, with access to clean cooking for 2.8 billion people globally.
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Africa’s Solarized Digitization Agenda
The seventh session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development convened on the theme of “Building forward better towards a resilient and green Africa to achieve the 2030 & 2063 Agenda.”
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Want more Clean Energy? Focus on People, Not Technology
One public health researcher shares her perspective on the very personal decision making that goes into energy consumption from one household to the next. The author makes the case that in order for clean energy initiatives to be successful we must listen to households and communities before prescribing energy transitions.
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Meet the Ghanian CEO Turning Waste into Affordable Cooking Fuel
Cletus Baalongbuoro is an economist, entrepreneur, and energy specialist whose company, Ponaa Briquettes, has been gaining attention for transforming waste into affordable cooking fuel.
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C-Quest Capital Signs 60 Million Mt Carbon Credit Deal with Shell
C-Quest Capital, a sustainable energy service provider signed a deal with Shell Eastern Trading for the funding of 60 million carbon credits using clean cookstoves in Africa.
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Kenya’s COVID-19 Lockdown is Forcing People to make Difficult Food and Household Energy Decisions
Before the COVID-19 pandemic 85% of people living in Nairobi’s informal settlements were considered food insecure due to high rates of unemployment. After the COVID-19 pandemic unemployment became worse and people could no longer afford clean cooking fuels.
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