What We’ve Been Reading This Week: The Latest In Clean Cooking And Renewable Energy Innovation, Clean Water And Sanitation, Sustainable Development And Much More. 

Over 3.5 Billion Lack Reasonably Reliable Access to Electricity
New research shows that the amount of people around the world without access to electricity is higher than previously thought.
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Floods in Uganda Have Displaced Nearly 8,800 People
Nearly 8,800 people have been displaced within Uganda due to rising water levels in lakes from torrential rains.
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Botswana, Namibia set to sign 5-Gigawatt Solar Energy Plan
These two nations have been working with the US Government Initiative “power Africa” to help structure this deal to create a 5-gigawatt solar energy plan. This project will be made possible by creating installations built across the two countries’ flat, sunny landscapes.
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Scaling Clean Cooking Responsibility: Tackling Air Pollution Through a Women-Centered Model in Nigeria
A collaborative effort has led to an innovative approach to fighting household air pollution, testing the sustainability of clean cooking solutions in Nigeria.
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Coca Cola Establishes 800 Public Hand Wash Stations to Fight COVID-19
These hand wash stations have been distributed to communities in Uganda including Kampala, Mukono, Mbarara, Buikwe, and Kalungu. The public hand washing stations include five 5,000 litre hand wash tanks and more than 3,000 20 litre hand washing jerrycans that are in the process of being installed countrywide.
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Bringing Innovation to Biogas: An Interview with Connected Energy Managing Director Vijay Bhopal
The Clean Cooking Alliance interviews Vijay Bhopal, a managing director at a UK based start up called Connected Energy, to discuss  “smart biogas” and more.
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Clean Cooking with Stainless Steel
The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) released an informative brochure on the benefits of clean cooking with stainless steel. After detailing the negative health impacts of traditional forms of cooking the ISSF explains how stainless steel materials in advanced biomass stoves can enhance functionality, cost efficiency, aesthetics, and are corrosion resistant.
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