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Without Electricity, Uganda Poor Children Bear the Brunt of COVID-19 School Closures
Since Uganda locked down schools in March children have been feeling the effects. Many of these children are still able to read their books however, without access to electricity or the funds necessary to watch their lessons through the T.V., studying online does not seem like a viable option. It is clear that COVID-19 has caused both a health and education crisis.
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European Union Boosts Progress Towards SDG6 Through a 9 Million Euro WOP Program with UN-Habitat
The European Union represented by the European Commission and the United Nations Settlements Program have signed a 9 million euro agreement to implement a four year EU Water Operations Partnership Program to support public water and sanitation utilities in developing contexts.
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Uganda Suspends three-quarters of refugee aid agencies from operating
This move affects 208 aid agencies including 85 international groups. Hilary Onek, minister for relief, disaster preparedness, and refugees said some of these agencies have been operating illegally. According to the government many of the suspended NGOs lack sufficient MOU’s with the prime minister’s office.
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COVID-19: Uganda Puts Refugee Settlement Under Lockdown After Aid Workers Test Positive
Kyangwali Refugee Settlement has been put under lockdown after an aid worker tested positive for COVID-19. Rocco Nuri acting spokesperson (UNHCR) said that effective August 26th government restricted movements and activities in the settlement after 22 humanitarian staff members and 72 refugees tested positive for the virus.
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Mukono District Urged to Intensify Hand Washing to Stop COVID-19 Community Infections
Due to increasing COVID numbers in Mukono district public health officials advocate for intensifying hand washing in this district. Community mobilization and education in this district is to start immediately with support from Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.
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Uganda: Solar Power Spreads Smiles on Faces of Rural Expectant Mothers.
In more rural areas of Uganda there is less access to public electricity and electricity in clinics. This reality affects expectant mothers in these areas who need to give birth immediately, sometimes in the middle of the night, but have to navigate through the dark to find the local clinic. Ruth Kyakuwa, a 15 year old who tells a story about her experience finding her way to the clinic in the dark only to hear that since the clinic itself has no electricity she would have to buy dry cells for their torch or buy a torch herself.
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