What We’ve Been Reading: The Latest In Clean Cooking And Renewable Energy Innovation, Clean Water And Sanitation, Sustainable Development And Much More. 

Addressing COVID-19’s Disruption to African Development Progress
While COVID-19 rates in Africa have been lower than expected, it is generally thought that the economic challenges posed by COVID-19 threatens to reverse a decade of SDG progress.
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Artificial Intelligence May Help Achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Researchers from the University of Granada with the private company Ferrovial and the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering have analyzed how engineering and technical solutions linked to artificial intelligence can contribute towards the 17 SDGs.
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MIT Scientists Create Toilet That Treats Waste Without Water or Power
A startup has begun to deploy waterless, standalone bathrooms in Uganda, offering a cleaner and more private alternative to the pit latrines that are standard in the region.
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Covid-19 disruptions in Kenya’s clean cooking sector
Covid- 19 has shown the need to adopt a clean cooking solution in Kenya given that among the prominent conditions for vulnerability to the pandemic were people with severe underlying respiratory health conditions caused by air pollution.
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How a Women Led Company is Helping to Create Cleaner Air in Kenya
As a result of seeing the depleted forests around Mt. Kilimanjaro (due to chopping trees for cooking fuel), Kenyan entrepreneur and climate activist Chebet Lesan started her business BrightGreen.
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