What We’ve Been Reading: The Latest In Clean Cooking And Renewable Energy Innovation, Clean Water And Sanitation, Sustainable Development And Much More. 

Vandana Shiva on Why the Food We Eat Matters
The “Gandhi of grain,” Indian physicist, ecologist, and food rights activist Vandana Shiva discusses why the food we eat matters and how we can end world hunger while also preserving cultural and culinary traditions.
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WASH inclusion in new NTD roadmap signals ‘a paradigm shift’
The inclusion of a water, sanitation, and hygiene indicator in the World Health Organization’s new neglected tropical disease roadmap 2021-2030 signals a shift in attitude toward WASH’s importance, but will require even greater coordination, experts say.
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2021 Will See More Climate Finance for Locally Led Energy Access
COVID-19 has caused many roadblocks to progress on energy access in Africa, but with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on the horizon, there is hope energy poverty will finally get the attention and funding it deserves.
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Bill Gates on Adapting to a Warmer World
In an excerpt from his upcoming book, Gates discusses how climate change is going to force us to consider entirely new needs and the scale of innovation that will be necessary to get us to zero emissions. 
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The Women in Clean Cooking Mentoring Program Announces its Inaugural Cohort
The Clean Cooking Alliance, Sustainable Energy for All, and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition have selected their first cohort of the Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Program. These individuals were chosen from a pool of 150 applications from more than 30 countries.
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African Development Bank and Partners Release the Inaugural Sanitation and Watershed Atlas of Africa
A new tool called the “Sanitation and Wastewater Atlas of Africa” is launched to propel Africa’s progress towards SDGs on safe sanitation and wastewater management. Aiming to help policymakers accelerate change and investment in the sector, the tool is the result of collaboration between the African Development Bank, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), and GRID-Arendal.
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Teachers create lasting change for people and other primates via clean cookstoves
How effective is training teachers to raise awareness on the importance of limiting biomass use? The author of a new study in the American Journal of Primatology investigates this method and its capacity to help communities reduce their impact on local forests.
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