What We’ve Been Reading: The Latest In Clean Cooking And Renewable Energy Innovation, Clean Water And Sanitation, Sustainable Development And Much More. 

TIME 2030 Committee Offers 8 Solutions for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future
TIME 2030 focuses on how to build a healthier, more resilient, and just world. Each committee member was asked to suggest a solution to a major problem. Clean cooking champion Chef Jose Andres shares his contribution: simple but powerful green stoves to help feed the world.
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What Clean Fuel Use in Every Household Means for Women’s Empowerment
A study from the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi claims that India can achieve national ambient air quality standards by replacing all polluting cooking fuels with clean cooking fuels. As a result reducing indoor and ambient air pollution as well as providing other benefits, including women and children’s health and women’s empowerment.
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Five Reasons to be Optimistic About Clean Energy in 2021
The energy sector is still largely dominated by fossil fuels. Despite understanding the need to switch to sustainable energy, we are not on track to meet our climate goals and achieve SDG7. However, there are certain clean energy solutions to be optimistic about in 2021.
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U.S. Takes Renewed Action to Combat Climate Change
U.S. President Joe Biden signed a series of actions to combat climate change, saying they will restore “scientific integrity and evidence-based policymaking” across the U.S. government. The Biden Administration’ has set a goal of a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035, charting a path towards a net-zero economy by 2050.
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USAID Officials Prepare for Higher-Profile Role Under Samantha Power.
Officials and experts are hopeful that the appointment of Samantha Power to lead USAID and elevation of that position to the National Security Council will help restore the standing and credibility of the agency globally.
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