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UN Raises Alarm Over Refugee Killings in Uganda Settlement
The UN Refugee agency reports that at least 10 refugees in a settlement in Northern Uganda were killed and homes were vandalized by local residents due to tensions over increasingly scarce resources. While there has been sporadic violence in settlements hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees in Uganda from South Sudan, these clashes between ethnic groups have seldom been deadly.
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Promoting improved cookstoves can benefit rural households

Promoting Improved Cook Stoves can Benefit Rural Households
In India about 90% of rural households cook with biomass fuels, including wood, animal dung, and crop residues. Since the push to cleaner fuel LPG has been unsuccessful in rural areas, clean cookstoves seem to be the best way to reduce biofuels and smoke emissions that affect the people – usually women – who typically cook over an open fire. But how effective are they really?
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A New Mission for an Old Model: Unlocking Sustainable Water Through Savings Groups
The World Bank estimates that to achieve SDG6 by 2030 we would need to be spending 150 billion per year. But 1 out of 3 water points in Sub-Saharan Africa are broken: Water Trust found that about 45% of wells were not functional and only 18% met the basic standards of quantity, quality and reliability. Savings group methodologies are tackling this issue in a new way.
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CS Wamalwa launches multi-million Nasal water project to benefit over 300 families living along Kenya-Uganda border

Multi-Million Water Project Launched to Benefit over 3,000 Families Living Along the Kenya-Uganda Border
On the first anniversary of the Karamoja cross-border peace initiative signed between the Kenya and Uganda a water project was launched to benefit the communities. The project will provide water to over 3000 families and ensure communities living on both sides of the border are accorded opportunities for better co-operation and close collaboration.
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