New Partnership Will Exponentially Scale Energy Efficient Cookstove Production in Uganda

KAMPALA/FLORENCE October 16, 2020 –

Carbonsink and International Lifeline Fund (Lifeline) announced a partnership to boost the impact of energy efficient cookstove technologies in Uganda and beyond. As one of the two largest manufacturers in Uganda, Lifeline’s EcoEnergy enterprise will now gain carbon credits for every single cookstove produced and sold. Reinvesting those credits back into manufacturing will allow EcoEnergy to exponentially scale operations, reaching even more households and institutions with cost-efficient solutions, as well as amplifying the environmental benefits of reduced emissions. Lifelines’s Founder Dan Wolf said,

 “This is a big step forward in propelling EcoEnergy and scaling up our manufacturing for clean cookstoves. Carbonsink has long been at the forefront of sustainability and innovative carbon credit programs, and we’re excited to work together towards improved access to energy efficient  solutions. We know this model for affordable and efficient cooking technology works – for people and for the environment – we see it firsthand in Uganda. And now thanks to Carbonsink’s partnership, we hope not only to exponentially expand our reach throughout Uganda, but also to lead the way in modeling an approach that can be replicated in other regions of the continent.”

This partnership was made possible by the GET.Invest Finance Catalyst, an advisory support program that links renewable energy projects and companies with finance opportunities, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Carbonsink is a highly specialized consultancy company focused on the development of sustainability strategies and compensation of CO2 emissions. It specializes in Carbon Management, Carbon Finance and in the implementation of climate change mitigation projects. CarbonSink has become an Italian leader and an internationally recognized organisation in the field of climate risks. Learn more at

EcoEnergy is a Ugandan social enterprise in the business of producing, distributing, and selling efficient energy products for household and institutional use. EcoEnergy’s mission is to make superior products available to every Ugandan consumer at an affordable price and, thereby, provide a market-based solution to the myriad problems resulting from cooking with woodfuels. EcoEnergy is the manufacturing and sales subsidiary of International Lifeline Fund, an international NGO that has fostered energy solutions across East Africa and the Caribbean for over 14 years. Through its humanitarian and commercial stove initiatives, including EcoEnergy, Lifeline has produced and distributed/sold over 330,000 efficient cookstoves impacting more than 1.6 million individuals worldwide. The EcoEnergy brand is preceded in name by Lifeline Stoves, Limited (LSL). Following an organizational restructuring, the company rebranded to EcoEnergy in August of 2020. Learn more:

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