HAITI: Addressing a Dire Shortage of Cooking Fuel
Lifeline worked in Haiti for nearly five years to address the country’s urgent need for cooking fuel and help its communities gain greater economic independence. Three major programs benefited people in Haiti: Humanitarian Stove Program: Lifeline began a year-long stove distribution program in the Port-au-Prince area following the area’s devastating earthquake in January 2010, distributing Read More
BURUNDI: Efficient Cookstove Program Helps Save Time + Money
A partnership between Lifeline and the United Nations World Food Program has helped significantly reduce fuel costs and the amount of time required to cook meals for the students in Burundi. As part of the project, Lifeline constructed 20 institutional stoves – made entirely from local materials and fueled by biomass briquettes – at four Read More
KENYA: Relieving a Dire Wood Shortage Facing Somali Refugees
Lifeline’s program in Northeast Kenya helped address the severe wood shortage facing more than 500,000 Somali refugees encamped near Dadaab, whose influx has placed a dangerous strain on the area’s fragile desert environment. In 2008, Lifeline began implementing a fuel saving stove program for these refugees with a new staff of 35 refugee workers.
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Generating Income for Her Family, One Stove at a Time
Georgette is an elderly single mother and caretaker of seven children in her household, many of whom are her own grandchildren orphaned while fleeing from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda. A survivor of the area’s armed conflict, she has made her home in Uganda’s Nakivale settlement and is now an active member of the Wakati Foundation’s women’s group.
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