Women are the economic engines of rural communities but their potential is locked up in the struggle for survival. They can spend over 10 hours a week looking for water and foraging for wood for their families. Once they have reliable access to safe water and a fuel-efficient way to cook, they can do so much more! They can turn their focus to growth: investing in education, farming, taking on leadership roles, and starting businesses to meet local needs. They can break the cycle of poverty.

This campaign aims to free up valuable time for women in rural Uganda. We need your help to make this happen. Your support will provide safe water sources that are close to their homes. It will provide fuel-efficient cookstoves that significantly reduce the number of trips women make to collect wood fuel. They will have time to thrive. And when women thrive, communities become healthier, safer, and wealthier.

See how much time your donation can unlock!

$20 = 2,000+ hours
For $20, you can unlock over 2,000 hours for a young girl, covering the cost of clean water for her and her family for 10 years and allowing her to spend that time in school instead of trekking to a distant water source.

$100 = 4,000+ hours
For $100, you can unlock over 4,000 hours for three households in rural Uganda by providing clean water and fuel-efficient cookstoves for two years. The women and girls in these households won’t have to spend as much time collecting water and foraging for wood.

$250 = 9,000+ hours
For $250, you can unlock over 9,000 hours for 20 displaced families in a refugee camp, providing cleaner and fuel-efficient cookstoves so that the families don’t have to spend so much time foraging for wood or risk long-term health consequences inhaling toxic fumes.

$1,000 = 11,000+ hours
For $1,000, you can unlock over 11,000 hours for 50 rural families by supporting the maintenance of a community borehole for a year so community members can consistently enjoy clean water.

Time to Thrive Campaign

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