Call for Proposals: Deployment of charity: water Smart Handpump Sensors
Lifeline seeks testing partners in Uganda for new smart handpump sensor technology developed by charity: water  KAMPALA / APAC / WASHINGTON, DC March 2, 2021 – As charity: water’s national implementing partner in Uganda, Lifeline has been testing and ground-truthing 8 sensor prototypes in the Apac and Kwania Districts since October, 2020. The results look Read More
“Regular, Clean and Safe”: Initiative Gets Water to Health Clinics
Getting clean water quickly isn’t just a matter of convenience to rural communities – it’s often the difference between life and death. The H2O + Water Initiative – piloted by Lifeline and Blue Planet Network in 2012 – aimed to bring clean water to rural populations and help under-served health clinics and communities in the Pallisa District of eastern Uganda, where 39 percent of the population lack access to clean water.
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Spreading Lessons of Good Hygiene Helps Spread Good Health
In rural Uganda, 1 in 12 children dies from preventable water-borne diseases before the age of 5. Without a piped water system, women and girls are forced to collect water for their households from contaminated lakes and puddles, or travel to a well in another village, which takes an average of two hours per day.
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Stanford University
Lifeline’s partnership with Stanford University — a leader in environmental research and innovation — is impacting safe water supplies in Uganda’s rural Apac District through its EverFlow program. EverFlow contracts with local water committees to maintain 700+ community-owned handpumps, while Stanford researchers work to analyze the demand and cost of their maintenance.
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